United in Diversity

Dates of the youth exchange: 26/02 - 6/03 - 2022

Project idea:
The project has been developed by young people from 6 countries that want to develop their diversity management competencies and implement a culture of diversity in everyday life and work environment. The main focus of the project is exploring and exchanging the methods of managing diversity from different perspectives: on personal, organisational and community levels.

4 young people (aged 18-30) and one group leader 18+ from Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Georgia and Moldova participated in the activities. 
Project objectives:
–To foster inclusion and promote peaceful co-existence between young people from different countries and cultures;
–To develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of the participants relevant for managing diversity on personal, organisational, and community levels;
–To identify and exchange the practical tools of unlocking young people's potential and engaging youngsters with fewer opportunities;
–To create an inclusive environment for self-reflection of young people, enhance their active learning and promote the Youthpass tool;
​–To promote diversity-oriented and inclusive approaches of the Erasmus+ programme and generate ideas of follow-up initiatives in local communities; 

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