Erasmus+ Opportunities

At Get Involved Association, we believe in the power of non-formal and informal learning to empower young people and youth workers, providing them with valuable opportunities for personal and professional development. Through our participation in the Erasmus+ program, as a coordinator as well as a partner, we offer youth exchanges and training courses that enable individuals to expand their horizons, develop essential competences, and foster active participation in society.

Through our involvement in the Erasmus+ program, we strive to have a positive impact not only on the individuals participating in our activities but also on the organizations, communities, and societal sectors involved. By promoting learning mobility and intercultural dialogue, we contribute to the development of a more inclusive, interconnected, and engaged society. Get Involved Association is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities that empower young people and youth workers to thrive in an ever-changing world.
Types of mobility you can participate in: 

Youth Exchanges:
These exchanges bring together groups of young people from different countries to implement joint non-formal learning programs on topics of mutual interest. Through workshops, debates, outdoor activities, and more, participants engage in intercultural dialogue, skill development, and the promotion of European values. Our exchanges aim to foster a sense of European identity, break down prejudices and stereotypes, and encourage active participation in democratic life.

Mobility Projects for Youth Workers: These projects provide non-formal and informal learning opportunities for the educational and professional development of youth workers. By participating in training courses and exchanges, youth workers enhance their skills, contribute to the evolution of youth work organizations, and build a community of support for high-quality projects and activities for young people. These projects also aim to strengthen local youth work practices and contribute to capacity building for quality youth work within organizations.
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