Face to Face

Youth exchange "FACE TO FACE"

When: 6 -15 October 2021
Where: Monteoru and Buzau, Romania
Participants: 40 participants from 8 European countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain and Romania

Unemployment of young people in the participating countries is above the European Union average and can
exceed 50% in some areas (Malaga or Sicily), the desired jobs are restricted and this increases the difficulty of
young people to find a job, the job interview "face to face" being the main and the last way of
evaluation. The young people complained about the lack of skills for preparing and undergoing a job interview fit in the work
as a result of a superficial preparation at high school / university.

The aim of the project is to increase the employability of 18-25 year olds by improving the preparation and
maintenance of an employment interview.


• to identify and develop specific competencies useful in preparing and conducting a job interview
• to create better awareness and understanding of the structure of the job interview and the requirements of employers
• to put into practice innovative techniques and successful models in face-to-face interviews,
through informal teaching methods such as games, presentations, role-playing games and simulations, seminars, video creation